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The best WordPress Membership Plugins

As an operator of a WordPress website, it may be interesting for you to integrate a member page into your website. A member site is an exclusive space that only becomes visible to users after a successful login. Access to this area is often possible for a fee. For you, as an entrepreneur, that means you can increase your revenue by providing exclusive content. There are thousands of models on how to offer your memberships – depending on industry and business type. At least as diverse are the WordPress Membership Plugins that are available on the market. With these plugins you can integrate a member page into your WordPress website. In this blog post I would like to introduce you to the best WordPress Membership Plugins in my opinion. The various WordPress Membership Plugins are :

1. MemberPress

MemberPress is the first WordPress Membership Plugin we would like to introduce to you. As one of the most popular membership plugins, it impresses with its high user-friendliness and a wide range of different functions. Especially for inexperienced website operators, this plugin is recommended. It is very easy to set up and has a variety of user specification options. In addition to the ability to generate automatic member pages, it offers you the ability to set various individual components of your member site and customize it to your liking. You can specify exactly which member group has access to which parts of your website. It does not matter if it’s whole pages or just single files.

The problem with the plugin is that it only supports these three payment providers and no others. Thus, you must consider before purchasing this plugin exactly whether you want to use any of these three payment options. If not, you do not need to purchase this WordPress Membership Plugin.
Cost: Starts from 129$ per year.

2. LearnDash

The second WordPress Membership Plugin I present is LearnDash. Just like MemberPress, this plugin is very well suited for inexperienced users. It is very easy to set up and intuitive to use. In addition, it is very flexible and is particularly suitable for website operators who want to offer online courses on their website. For this it offers the possibility to easily create and sell online courses. In particular, as far as the ongoing development of the courses is concerned, it has a lot in advance of comparable plugins. With a variety of downloadable additional packages and features, this plugin can easily adapt to the specific needs of each website operator.

Probably the biggest drawback of this plugin is that it is not suitable for website operators who do not want to offer online courses. Compared to MemberPress, the plugin lacks many features and is much more expensive.
Cost: Starts from 159$ per year and page

3. S2Member

The last of the WordPress Membership Plugins is S2Member. In contrast to the other plugins, there is a free version in addition to a paid version. Thus, you can give yourself an overview of the plugin and see to what extent it convinces you. Without risks and costs. Of course, the free version is limited in its features, but for a first overview, it is enough every time. Another great advantage of this plugin is the extensive database that is also available to the users of the free version. Here you can find the most common problems and their solution. In addition, you will also find useful tips and tricks for dealing with the plugin.

The problem with this plugin is that the free version is sufficient for a first entry, but also quickly reaches its limits. As payment method, for example, only PayPal is supported. After a short time you will have to ask yourself the question, to what extent an upgrade to the Pro version makes sense. In addition, the plugin is by far not as intuitive to use as Memberpress and Learndash.
Cost: Free (Pro version costs 89$ per year per page)

Conclusion: These WordPress Membership Plugins convince us

I believe there are two plugins that will emerge as winners. Each of them is suitable for a different group of website operators.
For operators who offer online courses on their website, I clearly recommend the LearnDash plugin. The plugin was developed specifically for online courses and has by far the largest portfolio of functions and specialization opportunities in the market.

For website operators who do not offer online courses, I recommend another plugin: MemberPress.

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